Award nomination for Monday documentary

The DR3 documentary series “Hvem F… Er Ellie” has been nominated for the film award Årets Bent.

It is the third time for the Bent film award to take place. The honour is awarded to the most courageous producer, screenwriter or director, who has worked with creating credible gay, bisexual or transgender characters during the past year.

“Hvem F… er Ellie” portrays actress and comedienne Ellie Jokar’s honest journey towards finding an answer to the question: Is she gay or not? A romance with a female American sheriff leads to numerous tough considerations based on her Muslim background, her family’s expectations and general prejudices.

When the Bent film award was first presented in 2011 during MIX COPENHAGEN | Lesbian-GayBiTrans Film Festival, the honour and monetary award was awarded to director Carlos Augusto de Oliveira for the adoption drama “Rosa Morena”. In 2012, screenwriter Christian Torpe was presented with the award for the television series “Rita”, where Rita’s 15-year-old son comes out as gay. In the series, he provided a much-needed counter-image to all of the laughable gay stereotypes in movies and on television.

The other nominees are: Badehotellet season 2 Jeg er ambassadøren fra Amerika Eskimo Diva Mordet på Jannick Lang historie kort

“Hvem F… Er Ellie” was broadcast on DR3 during spring 2015.

The award is being presented on Tuesday the 6th of October 2015.

Executive producer on the series: Nicolai Bo Hjeds Producer: Lorena Galindo Director: Kenneth Andreasen