Er der også én til mig?

Five unique singles are in search of love. But until now it has been without luck. In the series “”Is there anyone for me?”” the singles get help from a number of love experts. They want to push the limits of the singles – and give them good advice to succeed. Is there anyone for […]

Monday acquires Danish indie

Monday Media has acquired a majority stake in Danish production company Koncern Film & TV. CEO and co-founder Lars Seidelin and head of programming Stine van der Sterren Enevoldsen continue as minority shareholders. CEO and co-founder Lars Seidelin and head of programming Stine van der Sterren Enevoldsen continue as minority shareholders. “Koncern is a very […]

New Monday-format hits DR3 and CPH Dox

”Free the Perfect Girls” premieres on DR3 Sunday the 18th of march 2018. And will take part in the CPH DOX-festival. The format is focusing on a growing problem among the youth. Their pursuit of a life in perfection is ending up making the girls life a nightmare. In the format 4 girls aged 18 […]

New Comedy Show with Brian Mørk

On Wednesday the 21st of March 2018 Mørk & More Comedy Show premieres on Brian Mørk hosts eight programs recorded at the Comedy Zoo in Copenhagen and the invited comedians come on a very special task. The audience decides which roles they should play, and without preparation they are interviewed by Brian Mørk and […]

Mit store frieri

February 14th, the program “My Big Marriage Proposal” will premiere at Kanal 4. Three men plan and execute a spectacular and romantic marriage proposal to each of their women in the hope that they will says yes.

The Treasure Hunters

February 14th, the program “The Treasure Hunters” will premiere at DR K. Four teams of amateur archaeologists with metal detectors, passion and experience are send out searching on various fields around Denmark, where they will compete to make the best discovery from the past. The program airs 20.30h and the following five Wednesdays.

Monday tops the Copenhagen TV Awards nomination

With 12 nominations to the Copenhagen TV Awards, Monday is placed in the very top of the best produced tv-programmes in Denmark 2017. 12 nominations is the highest score of all production companies in Denmark, and a historic record for Monday. The Nominations are in various categories, and the titles are: Lars Brygmann og krigsveteranerne […]

Feelgood buys iStage

As of 5th december 2017 Feelgood Scene AS has bought the humor agency iStage Entertainment AS, which is the management and booking agency for several of the country’s foremost humourists and is behind several major stage successes in recent years. The seller is the founders Nils-Ingar Aadne, Terje Sporsem, Dag Sørås and Stian Morten Pettersen, […]

Monday buys Feelgood

Monday Media has bought the Norwegian production company Feelgood Scene Film og TV AS – a company that embraces several of Norway’s greatest comedians. With the acquisition, Monday also strengthens its position within comedy television in Denmark. Feelgood is with the founder Thomas Giertsen Norway’s leading comedy production company. The company features titles like Helt […]

What is the greatest Nordic destination?

Through 10 episodes on TV3 Norway host Jannecke Weeden and her childhood friend and star chef Stian Floer travels to the most unique destinations in the Nordic countries on a search for the greatest Nordic travel- and dining treassure. Stian enjoys the wilderness and exotic places while Jannecke prefers the life and comfort of big […]