Monday launches new genre on TV 2 CHARLIE

Monday’s reportage “Korsbæk på Bakken” about Torben Træsko’s construction of Korsbæk is not just an intriguing and touching story about the making of a Danish national treasure, but also the first time that TV 2 Charlie focuses on own produced reportage on the channel.

– At TV 2 CHARLIE we are striving to keep the channel fresh and vital. This means that we are constantly evaluating whether or not we should include new genres. With ‘Korsbæk på Bakken’ we are taking the first step into this reportage genre. Although we experiment with new genres, we are still true to the channel’s primary ambition about being a home for good vibes, a guarantee with a program such as ‘Korsbæk på Bakken’, says channel director Sune Roland, who promises more within the reportage genre in the future on TV2 CHARLIE.

– We are very happy that we are able to expand the collaboration with TV 2 CHARLIE, which already consists of “Charlies Revygalla” and “Jarls Quizshow”, with a production from one of Monday’s other areas of expertise, the reportage genre. We are proud that TV 2 CHARLIE has chosen Monday as partner in this genre and we are sure that the viewers will experience a warm and pleasant TV experience in the classic Charlie atmosphere while watching the show, says Nordic programme director at Monday, Nicolai Bo Hjeds.

‘Korsbæk på Bakken’ will air on TV 2 CHARLIE on Wednesday September 16th at 21.50.