Monday produces new tv show ”Danske Helte”

They left Denmark to go out into the world and make a difference. Meet the Danish heroes in a new reporting series on TV3+.

Danske Helte is produced by Monday and will premiere on TV3 in the fall. TV3 have sent out the follow press release:

Not everyone is content with liver paste, rainy summers and boring 9-5 jobs. This new reporting series, Danske Helte, depicts the life of different Danes that have taken the plunge, travelled abroad and made it their livelihood helping others.

We meet them in different places such as Alaska, Australia, London and Los Angeles where they serve as firemen, detectives, paramedics and EMTs. Here, they put out forest fires, maintain law and order and help people in need.

During six programmes, we show the daily challenges of the Danish heroes in extreme and life-threatening situations which are rarely comparable to those being met by emergency workers in Denmark.